Courtney Banh is a fiber artist and experimental garment designer based in Denver. Her work focuses on the tactile experience and physical interaction between the object and the wearer, a point at which novelty and play meet our perceptions of fashion and function. Originally from Austin, Texas, Courtney is currently sewing full time in Denver, Colorado and sharing her work at local craft markets throughout the year.  She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she received a BFA in Fiber with a concentration in Experimental Fashion.

Artist Statement

As a garment maker and fiber artist, my body of work centers on the form and behavior of the human body. I have been drawn to the material properties and construction processes of coiling and basketry as a method of garment construction. A continual exploration of tactility and functionality challenges the boundaries of “the garment” and an object’s permanence to the wearer. I’m interested in the state of garments when the body is not present and the lifecycle of an article of clothing. Related themes I explore in my work include playfulness, comfort, and subtle humor. I use motifs such as vibrant colors, (un)ease in wear, and exaggerated bodily forms to communicate these moods.



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