Busy Susan

Busy Susan is an exploration in maintaining the objects of home, their relationship to garment forms, and their relationship to the homebody. The role of the homebody— the busy bee, the nurturer— is one of habitual actions, routine gestures and a culture of collecting and sharing. The spiral of the rope coil is rigid, yet tender, both in its making and its life onward.

The lazy susan activates the seated table of a familiar space. The restaurant with the foggy fish tanks and golden embroideries of dragons; it is not home but an intimate, connected space within a public setting. The busy Susan defines the boundaries of home and maintains a space for her objects to simply exist beyond themselves and herself. A push of a thumb gently turns the lazy susan, just as it feeds rope to the needle of a sewing machine. Susan nurtures those she feeds, laboriously with love. Susan is busy.

2018. Cotton rope, nylon thread

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