Photos by Akea Brown

2017- 2018. Hand-dyed cotton rope, cotton yarn, nylon and polyester thread, knit jersey

Body enters and exits vessel. The vessel remains. To return garments to their most basic form is to simply see the vessel and the natural, ergonomic urge to fill it. Basin seeks to subvert the fashion industry’s consumerist relationship to objects by returning garment to their basic form of the vessel. Giving garments the satisfaction of physicality, functionality and variability, this body of work challenges a wasteful and mundane relationship to clothing. Because the rope objects are scaled to the body, but not necessarily to their delegated parts of the body, they embody the idea of garments and even become garment caricatures. As bodies move fluidly through the rope objects, the acts of dressing and undressing create points of interaction that involve the space beyond the wearer and garment.

BasinCaleb Ali Miller
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Photos by Dante Sisofo

Photo by Jacqueline Foss

Photos by Jacqueline Foss